Gamez Roofing, based out of Tyler, Texas, and serving all of the surrounding communities, is the area’s premier full-service residential roofing contractor. Need a roof inspection? We’ve got you covered. Suspect a leak? Gamez Roofing provides comprehensive roof repair services for all types of residential roofs. Does your roof need replacing? We can handle that, too.

From the easy and simple roofing project to the more complex, Gamez Roofing can handle all your home’s roofing needs, big or small, year-round. Call us today at (903) 570-7067 to speak with any one of our friendly, knowledgeable team members and schedule a free consultation.

Roof Inspections

At Gamez Roofing, we believe when it comes to your roof, the best defense is a good offense. That means preparing your roof against storms and other damaging effects with a strong, proactive approach. The best way to do that is with regular inspections and preventative maintenance by a professional roofing company.

Gamez Roofing offers free, no-obligation roof consultations and thorough, multi-point roof inspections to all of our residential customers. Having your roof regularly inspected, before problems arise, can have a plethora of benefits:

  • Catch problems early on, before they worsen
  • Save money by addressing repairs while they are small
  • Extend the life of your roof with a proactive maintenance schedule
  • Improve your family’s health by detecting issues like mold and mildew early on
  • Maintain curb appeal with regular cleaning, etc.

Roof Repairs

If you need a residential roofer who can guarantee fast, effective repairs, backed by years of proven success, Gamez Roofing is your man. As a full-service residential roofer, we provide the entire spectrum of roof repairs to homeowners in Tyler, Texas, and beyond, including:

  • Home roof repairs for all types of roofing systems: asphalt, slate, metal, designer shingles, and more!
  • Leak detection and repair
  • Residential roof maintenance plans and contracts
  • Home roof restoration
  • Insurance claims assistance
  • And more!

Roof Replacement

If you’ve been told your home’s roof needs replacing, call Gamez Roofing today for a second opinion! We will never recommend replacing your home’s roof unless absolutely necessary, and we offer several alternative solutions in many cases.

If you suspect your roof may be reaching the end of its service life, contact us. We will send a technician out to thoroughly assess your roof, and if replacement really is the best option, you can rest easy knowing you are in the best, most capable hands.

Insurance Claims Assistance

When living in Texas, we all know that storms are inevitable.  Whether from hail or high winds, to tornados that cause extensive damage, our team is here to help.  We understand that you want everything back to normal as quickly as possible and we will work diligently to get that completed for you.

Our team has been in the roofing industry for decades.  We know the ins and outs of insurance claims and can ensure that you get your entire roofing structure covered, along with any damaged gutters or downspouts.  If you’re in need of an expert to help you with your storm damage repair, please call us today.

Call Today!

Whether you need assistance in returning your roof back to optimal performance levels, or whether you simply want to stay ahead of problems and ensure you get the most out of your home’s roof, Gamez Roofing is here to help! For the very best in client care, quality materials, and superior craftsmanship, call us today at (903) 570-7067 and let us show you the next level of customer satisfaction!